types of decorative plaster

Decorative plaster its types and features

Decorative plaster is not always a final finishing layer. Its decorative subtype is excellent for use as a finishing coat.

Decorative plaster is becoming increasingly popular as a material that looks impressive without requiring paint application or wallpapering. Let’s explore together with a designer the benefits of this type of finishing material and how to choose the right plaster for a modern interior.

What is decorative plaster? Decorative plaster is a finishing material used for the final coating of walls during interior renovations. Unlike rough plaster, decorative plaster is not used for leveling and filling cracks. Prior to its application, surfaces need to be prepared and primed for better adhesion.

Decorative plaster allows you to create an original design in a room by combining various textures and colors. It is cost-effective, durable, resistant to damage, easy to clean, and rarely accumulates dust and dirt. Minor defects on surfaces treated with decorative plaster can be easily repaired by applying a new layer. The only drawback of this material is its relatively high cost. However, surfaces decorated with plaster require less frequent cosmetic repairs compared to wallpapered surfaces.

Composition of decorative plaster This type of coating consists of cement, lime, and sand, and depending on the type, other fillers may be present. The mixtures differ in texture, viscosity, and the type of base they require. There are four main types available on the market.

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Acrylic plaster

This plaster is sold ready-to-use. The composition consists of crushed mineral fillers and acrylic resins, supplemented with ingredients to enhance adhesion to the surface. Acrylic plaster dries quickly, is durable, and can be used in high humidity environments, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms. However, on sun-exposed sides of an apartment, acrylic plaster may crack under the influence of ultraviolet light, and its main disadvantage is low fire resistance.

Mineral plaster

Mineral plaster consists of cement, lime, clay, and crushed stone. It is the most budget-friendly type of decorative plaster. It is sold as a powder that needs to be mixed with water and is easy to apply, making it especially popular for DIY projects. It is the most environmentally friendly type of plaster, resistant to high humidity and low temperatures. The mineral mixture is impermeable to air and heat-resistant. However, its lifespan is relatively short, around ten years.

Silicone plaster

This is the most versatile option. The silicone mixture is elastic and adheres well to any base. It is sold ready-to-use, does not require dilution, and offers a wide range of colors. Working with this mixture is easy, even without any repair skills. Prior to applying silicone plaster, a special primer is required, but it lasts a long time and is cost-effective despite its higher price.

Silicate plaster

The binding element in this mixture is liquid potassium glass. This type of coating is considered an excellent choice for exterior work. Silicate plaster has water-repellent properties, is strong and fire-resistant, but its cost is higher than that of non-glass mixtures. It is best not to apply silicate plaster independently if you lack repair skills since it sets quickly and requires experience and skill from a professional.

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Types of decorative plaster In modern interior design, not only the listed basic textures of decorative plaster are used. Fibers of wood, mica, and small stones can be added to the mixture, for example. Rollers and stamps are used for application, allowing for the creation of original patterns and textures. An uneven layer of decorative plaster can mimic mountain rocks, concrete, silk, and even wood. Let’s consider the most popular options.


This type of mixture got its name due to its visual resemblance to wood affected by woodworm. Such plaster is used for both residential spaces and building facades. It is durable and maintains its attractive appearance for a long time. «Woodworm» is popular among pet owners whose animals love to scratch walls since the marks of «feline vandalism» will be inconspicuous on such texture.

«Cement and Concrete»

This coating allows you to achieve perfect walls for an interior in the loft style or to decorate accent surfaces in specific areas of an apartment. This plaster can be applied to both room walls and building facades.


A mixture used to decorate surfaces imitating natural stone. This 3D pattern can be created using either a mineral or an acrylic mixture.


Plaster can accurately recreate the texture of fabric, such as silk, velvet, or linen. This format looks great in eco-interiors. Unlike real fabrics, this coating does not require complex care. Such a type of decorative plaster complements stamped patterns nicely.


This variety of plaster imitates marble slabs. It is often used in luxurious interiors and is suitable for both classical and bohemian styles.


Decorative plaster can even imitate water streams flowing down the wall. This effect effectively masks minor defects, roughness, and irregularities. Depending on the viewing angle, the pattern can shimmer and be perceived differently.

«World Map»

This type of plaster includes lime components. It is usually applied in several layers of different shades, resulting in voluminous deep patterns. It is often used to create stylized geographic maps in the interior, hence the name.

Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is suitable for creating both matte and glossy surfaces. It is polished with a wax composition, which provides a light-reflecting effect.


The original travertine is a fine-grained mountain rock. The term is also used for an imitation made of plaster mix. It is characterized by strength, durability, and is available in a wide range of shades, providing walls with a noble antique effect.


With the help of plaster, you can create artistic bas-relief. This is achieved using a lightweight paste with glass granules. The material is easy to mold.

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