Handyman services

Handyman services in Orange County

In addition to its expertise in creating beautiful accent walls and other interior enhancements, Allprodecor in Orange County, California, also offers comprehensive handyman services. These services are designed to address various home improvement needs and ensure that clients’ properties are well-maintained and functional.

Reliable and fast handyman services in Orange County

The handyman services provided by Allprodecor include:

General Repairs: Allprodecor’s team of skilled handymen can handle a wide range of general repairs around the house. Whether it’s fixing leaky faucets, repairing damaged drywall, or replacing broken hardware, they have the expertise to tackle any issue promptly and effectively.

Furniture Assembly: If you’ve recently purchased new furniture and find yourself overwhelmed by the assembly process, Allprodecor can come to the rescue. Their handymen are proficient in assembling various types of furniture, ensuring that your pieces are put together correctly and securely.

Fixture Installation: From installing ceiling fans and light fixtures to mounting shelves and curtain rods, Allprodecor’s handymen can handle all types of fixture installations. They ensure that fixtures are securely and safely installed, adding both functionality and style to your home.

Door and Window Repairs: If you have squeaky doors or windows that don’t close properly, Allprodecor can address these issues to improve security and energy efficiency. Their handymen can adjust, repair, or replace doors and windows as needed.

Flooring Repairs and Installation: Allprodecor can assist with repairing damaged flooring, whether it’s hardwood, tile, laminate, or carpet. They also offer professional installation services for new flooring, helping clients upgrade the look and feel of their living spaces.

Fence and Deck Repairs: For clients with outdoor living spaces, Allprodecor’s handymen can handle fence and deck repairs. From fixing loose boards to refinishing and staining, they ensure that your outdoor areas are safe, attractive, and ready for use.

Shelving and Storage Solutions: Allprodecor can help optimize your living spaces by installing custom shelving units and storage solutions. From maximizing closet space to creating efficient garage storage, their handymen can help you declutter and organize your home.

Home Maintenance Services: To keep your property in top condition, Allprodecor offers regular home maintenance services. This may include gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and seasonal maintenance tasks to protect and preserve your home’s exterior. 

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